Potential governments datasets (most recent)

Potential governments datasets (release October 2023)

This comparative dataset builds on previous datasets at REPDEM, and has been updated in-house to include 28 European countries from 1945 (or their democratic transitions) up to June 1st, 2023.


How to cite

When using the data, cite the following:

    • Hellström, Johan, Torbjörn Bergman, Jonas Lindahl, and Maciej Sychowiec (2023). Party Government in Europe Database
      (PAGED) – Basic dataset (potential governments dataset), Version 2023.10
      . Available on https://repdem.org.


If you discover any errors, please contact Johan Hellström.

Below you can find the data files, together with a dataset codebook. More information (and data that could be added) is found here

Below you can find the data files in Stata and CSV format. Please note that all files are compressed to save space. You need to unzip/decompress the files before usage.