The Representative Democracy Data Archive  (REPDEM/ERDDA) is a project hosted by  the Political Science department, Umeå University in Sweden.

The archive contains information on governments, parliaments and political parties for parliamentary (mainly European) democracies. This information has primarily been gathered in collaboration with a broad network of country experts, but also via a comprehensive review of available research.

The database contains information on all governments since 1945 – coalitions, one-party governments and “official governments”. The information can, for example, be used for studies of political coalitions and minority governments, but it can also be linked to studies of how political opinions and the political system affect a range of social areas. The database is Open Access and has been the basis for extensive research and scientific publications.

Since 2017, the database has been included in the infrastructure initiative – REPDEM (Representative Democracy) prioritized by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Umeå University, and since 2020 in the national infrastructure project Demscore.