Other Publications

Publications from current or former project members are listed below

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Cross-Pressure and Political Representation in Europe : A comparative study of MEPs and the intra-party arena. PhD Disseration. Umeå universitet, UmeåFull Text

Parliamentary Democracy and the Chain of Delegation. Special issue of European Journal of Political Research, 37(3), 255-429. ISSN 0304-4130.

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Varför blir det nyval? OM MAKT OCH POLITIK On Power and Politics–Swedish politics in a comparative perspective.

Hur vanligt är det med nya partier i nationella parlament? OM MAKT OCH POLITIK On Power and Politics–Swedish politics in a comparative perspective.

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Det finns möjligheter till blocköverskridande samarbeten. OM MAKT OCH POLITIK On Power and Politics–Swedish politics in a comparative perspective.

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 The verdict in the polls: how government stability is affected by popular support. West European Politics Vol. 42, (3) : 593-617Pre-print version

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