• New data release

    On governments in Europe (October 2023)

  • New data release combining Western, Central, and Eastern Europe

    We are happy to announce the second data release for the project Party Government in Europe Database (PAGED). This comparative dataset combines the datasets on Western and Central and Eastern Europe.

  • New book on coalition governance in Western Europe

    Coalition Governance in Western Europe (2021) has been released.


Welcome to The Representative Democracy Data Archive (REPDEM)

REPDEM presents the comparative data collection efforts undertaken by various research and data infrastructure projects on governments, parliaments, political parties, length of government formation periods, bargain rounds, as well as procedures and mechanism for intra-coalition governance in Europe.
Here we offer a range of open-access datasets (available for free). Please select one of the projects to download data and supporting documentation.
The Representative Democracy Data Archive (REPDEM) builds on the European Representative Democracy Archive (ERDDA), but will include countries outside of Europe as well.

Latest Pubications

Coalition dynamics: advances in the study of the coalition life cycle

Müller, Wolfgang C. Bäck, Hanna Johan Hellström

Pre-electoral coalitions, familiarity, and delays in government formation

Bäck, Hanna Johan Hellström Johannes Lindvall Jan Teorell

Now You see me, now You don’t: Anticipatory coalitional strategies in European representative democracies

Lindahl, Jonas

Coalition Governance in Western Europe.

Bergman, Torbjörn, Bäck, Hanna, & Hellström, Johan

Minority governments in Sweden : Majority cabinets in disguise.

Bäck, Hanna, Hellström, Johan