New data release on coalitions and coalition governance in Western Europe

We are happy to announce the first data release for the project Party Government in Europe Database (PAGED). The first data release covers 16 West European countries and Croatia for the period 1945–2019.

The data were collected for the volume Coalition Governance in Western Europe and the data can be found here.

This data release will be followed by a combined dataset for Western, Central- and Eastern Europe. This second release will combine the data presented above with the data from the Coalition governance in Central Eastern Europe project, thus also include data for 10 Central- and Eastern European countries for the period of 1989–2014.

The third release for the PAGED-project will update, and expand, the data for Central- and Eastern Europe to cover the period 1989–2020.

The fourth release, consist of a complete database that covers all countries for the period 1945–2020, including different indicators and measurements on economy, political institutions, political parties, parliaments, and governments.

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